I haven`t worked for a year: Jennifer Garner

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Garner, who recently accepted the Female Star of the Year award, admits that winning an award without working for a year came as a shock to her mother.

"I told my mom the other day I was getting this award and I was excited and feeling proud and thought she was going to be proud, and then there was this pause on the other end of the line," a website has quoted the 40-year-old as saying.

"She said, Jennifer, do these people know you haven`t worked in the last year?` I said, `Yeah, I feel they probably know what I`ve been up to. I haven`t stepped foot on a set. You are correct, mom," she added.

"She said, Can they take this back? Because every time I talk to you, you are breastfeeding, you are running car pool, you are on the library committee - you are not acting!` I said it`s not all about the now, it`s things you`ve done in the past or in the future, and she was like, `Honey, you have a weird job`."

The actress is married to Ben Affleck and is a mother to daughters Violet, six, and Seraphina, three.