Kangana Ranaut lies about her age, goes from 28 to 22

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, April 01: In an industry, where a heroine’s age determines her fate, Bollywood beauties are known to stay tight-lipped on the age factor. So, while our forty plus hero goes macho and flaunts girls half his age on his arms, our ageing beauties do everything from learning belly dancing at 30 to even lying about their age.

And Kangana Ranaut is the latest B-town hottie who has claimed to be much younger than her years.

The lissome beauty, who had gone on record to state that she is just 22, is reportedly 28 years old; over 6 years more than what she claims to be. Surprised? Well don’t be.

Apparently, Kangana is not the only actress who has lied of her age. In the past too there have been a number of top-notch actresses who have kept the age under wraps.

However, Kangana’s case seems to have come under the spotlight with a news daily stating to have concrete proof of her real age.

According to a news daily, Kangana’s passport states her birth year as 1981 against her claims of 1986. Quoting a source a news daily stated, "We saw her passport which clearly mentions her birth year as 1981. So either she is 28 years old or she has faked it as her birth year for the passport. We don`t know why she is her hiding her age but she definitely is not 22 years old as she claims."