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Taking a break to direct: Ryan Gosling

Los Angeles: Ryan Gosling sent his female fans into mourning by announcing an acting break but the actor has apologised for not making himself clear. He is turning director.

"I should have been more clear; I`m just taking a break to direct. I`m sorry about that," Gosling told Vanity Fair at the premiere of his latest movie `The Place Beyond the Pines`.

A hotline was created following Gosling`s sudden announcement of an acting hiatus. The hotline is for fans going through Ryan Gosling withdrawals. They can dial and hear the actor`s voice while he is away from the screens.

The 32-year-old Canadian actor looked amused about the hotline. "Uh, sorry about the hotline," he added, laughing.

In `The Place Beyond the Pines`, Gosling has teamed up with his real-life girlfriend Eva Mendes and his `Blue Valentine` director Derek Cianfrance.

"I have a lot of admiration and respect for him, as a person and as a filmmaker. Having history with somebody, it`s nice to get to go to work and just be able to hit the ground running," said Gosling.

Cianfrance revealed how he struggled to keep Gosling`s army of admirers from ruining the shots where he is seen walking shirtless into a fair.

"I had about a dozen AD`s (assistant directors, at the fairground) with Dr Seuss hats to distract people and make sure they did not look in the camera and did not look at Ryan Gosling with his shirt off walking through the fair. I would say that there were many takes ruined by people doing that," the director said.