Bridal clothes need to be wearable: Tarun Tahiliani

Mumbai: Ace designer Tarun Tahiliani says it is important that bridal wear is not too heavy and, therefore, care must be taken to ensure that the construction of the apparel is just right.

"You have to balance bridal wear so that people don`t look like they are roaming around in armour," Tahiliani told reporters.

"You have to use a lot of technique. This is how things can be made wearable, even though they (the clothes) are heavy. They must have the right construction, the right underwire ... this is what makes it," he added.

Recently, the veteran designer showcased his new bridal collection at the Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2013 here.

While several designers have, in recent times, given fashionistas a glimpse of their bridal wear creations, Tahiliani believes he has an edge over others with his "sophisticated" designs.

"My constructions are very sophisticated for their construction and all. I think a lot of people, their construction and finish are still appalling," he said.

But after so many bridal collections, how does he manage to keep it fresh?

"I work a lot on the design and on different inspirations... I read a lot. I do this because I love it. The day I don`t have inspiration, I will stop," he said.

Talking about his design inspirations, he said it lies in the different styles of draping.

"My inspiration is Indian draping. We come from a drape tradition and we like to drape in different ways. We have a whole lot of clothes which can be draped in different ways in lovely fabrics. I don`t work with particular motifs and themes, its silhouettes," he said.

His latest collection has a wide range of panelled kurtas with opals, pearls and other Swarovski crystals, saris with antique gold and silver work and work in gota, chikankari and bandhini indulgences.