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Fix your makeup, Quickly

Fix your makeup, Quickly

Makeup is an art – and you have be a pro to apply it perfectly all the time. But we, being not an expert – are encountered with situations of messed-up makeup very often. And in hurry, we cannot figure out how to fix it and end-up ruining it further. But now you can shed your worries as, Renowned Cosmetologist & Aesthetician and Chair Person of ALPS Beauty Clinics, Ms. Bharti Taneja, tells you few quick “makeup fixes” for turning your messed makeup into a superbly done one!

Too much dose of Foundation: 
If you think your foundation is looking cakey and too white, try resurrecting it with the help of a light-weight moisturizer. In winters, just take dot-size of it; rub it on your palms and dab all over the face to discover natural looking makeup. Whereas, for summers, do it by dabbing the face with a partially-wet sponge and be good to go!

Loud blush or bronzer:
Blushers and bronzers add a dash of warmth to your face; but if you think it’s too loud – instead of re-applying, slather a layer of translucent powder over the messy area to revive it. Also, as blending is the key to it; make sure to blend the powder well to get rid of all the extra blusher/ bronzer.

Messed Smokey Eyes:
Smokey eyes mean utmost sophistication and sultry-ness. Anyhow, if you messed-up your eyes while doing it – balance out the color with the help of a cotton ear bud. If you want to remove some extra kohl/color in smaller section – use a dry cotton bud; but if there is a larger area and intense shadow to be wiped – do it with a wet bud.

Chipped Nail Paint:
This is so easy – just apply the same color nail-paint on the chipped area, while not trying to cover the nail completely as it will only end up the final coat to be too thick for comfort. After this, glide a final layer on your entire nail and flaunt your freshly painted nails!

Untidy Mascara:
A thick and clumpy mascara coat doesn’t look good – but if you anyhow done it, don’t worry. Just take a mascara-comb brush from your kit and comb it inside-out your lashes to get rid of the extra-mascara clumps.  But, make sure to do this right after applying your mascara for better fix.