Sarah Harding gets an inspirational new tattoo

London: Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding has got a motivational tattoo across her back which read - `Don`t be bitter - glitter`.

Leaving a West London spa, Harding`s motivational tattoo `Don`t be bitter - glitter` in swirling script was visible across the top of her back.

The 30-year-old, who suffered injuries during a holiday bust-up with ex-boyfriend Theo De Vries, recently opened up about her four-year addiction to sleeping pills, reported
a newspaper.

Harding, who joined an American rehabilitation facility in October to overcome alcoholism and depression, recently explained it took three weeks of intensive treatment
to help her break her dependence on prescription drug Zopiclone, which she started taking in 2006 to help her with sleep problems.

"I`m just glad I survived. My drinking was out of control and I was addicted to sleeping pills. It was an awful combination," Harding had said.