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Recipe: Berry Sangria praline

Recipe: Berry Sangria praline
Pic courtesy: Master pâtissier, Sanjana Patel, La Folie Mumbai

Blueberries in liqueur covered with red wine Ganache

Makes: 20 pcs
Prep time: 20smins
Cook time: 1.30hr


Blueberry Preparation:
Fondant paste: 200gm
Blueberries: 200gm (frozen will do)
Kirsch liquor: 4tsp

Red wine ganache:

80g red wine (a good Italian or French wine with fruity notes will be ideal)
40g raspberry puree
24g glucose syrup
200g milk chocolate callebaut
 30g Unsalted butter

Chocolate spheres:

500gms: Dark chocolate 70% for tempering and moulding.


1. Warm the fondant paste with Kirsch liquor. Roll the blueberries individually in the fondant paste and keep it covered in an airtight container.
2. Melt the milk chocolate and keep aside.
3. Heat the raspberry puree with glucose and wine to simmering stage.
4. Incorporate the same in the chocolate and mix with the hand blender to get a smooth consistency ganache.
5. Mold dark chocolate coated sphere shell. Fill in the rolled fondant blueberry in the mould; cover it with the red wine ganache.
6. Cover the filling with the remaining tempered chocolate and let it cool! In the fridge for 20"25mins before unmolding the chocolate for serving.

Tip: you can hand paint the chocolate mold with cocoa butter colours to create some lovely textures on the chocolate.

(The recipe has been shared by Master p'tissier, Sanjana Patel, La Folie Mumbai)