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Review: Watch ‘Burlesque’ for classy raunchy acts by Cher & Christina

Spicezee Bureau

Remember ‘Coyote Ugly’, where an old bar owner hires young women to jazz up the atmosphere to lure male audience into the pub. Well ‘Burlesque’ will remind you of ‘Coyote Ugly’ only that this Christina Aguilera and Cher starrer is much classier, hip and entertaining. Raunchy as its name, the film offers oodles of skin show, magical musical numbers and an immensely energised atmosphere.

The film follows the story of Ali (Christina Aguilera) who is a small town girl but wants to make it big in the city. However, life in the big city is not easy as it appears and soon Ali end up in the Burlesque Lounge, a dance bar that`s fallen upon bad days. The owner, Tess (Cher) is desperate for some raw talent to fill up the empty chairs so that she can pay her mortgage and send back the land sharks who are ready to prey upon her.

And it’s Ali who comes as a saviour for Tess. Ali with her ambition not only energises the song-dance ensemble but also manages to keep the Burlesque family together.

The movie belongs to Cher and Christina Aguilera. Besides rendering some awe-striking performances, they create magical mayhem with songs that like ‘Welcome to Burlesque’, ‘But I`m A Good Girl’ etc.

As for the direction, Steve Antin has done a remarkable job, giving detailed attention to creating the right kind of atmosphere that is neither too raunchy nor to subtle. The Burlesque Lounge may be in sin city but in a very innocent way.

And it might be called Burlesque but there is no dirty business here. There are just a bunch of girls who merely want to make a decent living. And yes, they do follow the moral norms of society where a girl and guy marry if they get pregnant.

A showplace it must be, but the burlesque is one big happy family which keeps its troubles to itself and fights back fiercely against a disruptive world.

It might offer nothing new in terms of plot-line but ‘Burlesque’ is a sure shot watch for its extravagance and sizzling hot numbers by Cher and Chrsitina.

Rating: 3 cheers for this one!