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Tom Cruise excited about `Top Gun 2`

London: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed that superstar Tom Cruise is excited to make the long-delayed `Top Gun 2`.

A sequel to `Top Gun` has been touted for nearly 30 years, while work has recently commenced on getting the project made.

This progress was halted in August 2012 by the death of `Top Gun` director Tony Scott, leading to speculation that the movie might be scrapped entirely, reported Digital Spy.

`Top Gun` producer Bruckheimer recently confirmed that work had resumed on the sequel.

"We`re at a point right now where everybody wants to make it. For a while it was Tom was excited about it but the studio didn`t want to commit or the studio was excited and Tom didn`t want to do it. And that`s been going on for 30 years. And now we`re at a point where the studio is excited and Tom is excited," Bruckheimer said.

"A lot of that has to do with Tony Scott`s vision. He had a really exciting vision and he got everybody excited about it. That enthusiasm has carried forward," he added.
Bruckheimer also confirmed that `Jack Reacher` scribe

Christopher McQuarrie is no longer working on the screenplay, as he is now focusing on `Mission: Impossible 5`.

The original `Top Gun` made more than USD 356 million at the worldwide box office in 1986 and cemented Cruise as one of Hollywood`s biggest stars.