Bigg Boss 9: Bigg Boss announces the 'Race to Finale' task!

Bigg Boss announces the 'Race to Finale' task, where Keith was the sanchalak and the other housemates were the contenders. 

Bigg Boss 9: Bigg Boss announces the 'Race to Finale' task!
Image courtesy- @BiggBoss

Mumbai: The housemates of Bigg Boss woke up to 'Do aur do paanch song'. Followed by Bigg Boss announcing the 'Race to Finale' task, where the contestants were provided with their separate funnels full of sand, which they had to prevent from falling. While Keith was the sanchalak of the task.

There was cut-throat competition amongst the contenders and we saw the fierce side of everyone especially Mandana and Priya who were made the prime targets by the housemates. The housemates made Mandana their first target by spoiling her funnel and she retaliated by attacking Rochelle's funnel and thereafter blaming Rishabh for the same.

Later in the task, Priya was made the second target. To which she reacted by telling Prince and other inmates to play their own game instead of playing in a group. Further, Priya got physical with Mandana where she twisted her arm and the latter complained of the same.

Towards the end, Kishwer confessed to Rishabh of her broken friendship with Rochelle. Priya questioned Prince's credibility as the contender to finale and fruther got personal where she questions him about his relationship with Yuvika and then Nora.