Bigg Boss 9: Keith Sequeira shows middle finger to Mandana Karimi

Bigg Boss 9: Keith Sequeira shows middle finger to Mandana Karimi
Image courtesy: @keithsequeira

Housemates of Bigg Boss woke upto 'Tu mere agal bagal hai' song. Followed by Prince and Rishabh discussion in the garden area of not interfering in each others game.

Later we saw how Priya was trying to target the 'cool group' members. To which Prince alleged Priya that even she wasn't playing alone as she didn't attack Rishabh.

Later in the task, we saw Mandana instigating Rishabh to attack Prince. However, Rishabh wasn't provoked with her idea, rather attacked Mandana by saying that she was more desperate in winning the game.

For the first time Keith showed middle finger to a contestant in the house and it was none other than Mandana. As she alleged Rishabh of kicking her in the task, while the latter was simply preventing Mandana to touch the funnel. This incident was reported to Keith as he was the sanchalak, but despite telling Mandana that Rishabh was not at fault she made a mountain out of a molehill. To which Keith lost his cool and even told Mandana to keep her fake attitude to herself.

In the second stage of the respective task, Bigg Boss announced to keep their funnel's lever open and then fill their funnel with sand from the top. This will continue for an hour and following that the three contestants with the maximum amount of sand will go to the next stage of 'ticket to finale'.  At the end of the day we saw Prince, Kishwer and Mandana winning the task.

There after, Keith was seen consoling Rochelle and even cried with her. As Priya stood all against her in the task and she was made the prime target. Towards the end, Priya and Risabh were seen discussing Prince's backstabbing attitude in the game.