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Bigg Boss 9: New twist in 'Ticket to Finale' task - it's Kishwer vs Prince this time!

Bigg Boss 9: New twist in 'Ticket to Finale' task - it's Kishwer vs Prince this time!

The housemates of Bigg Boss woke upto 'Kya kare kya na kare ye kasi mushkil haye' song. Followed by discussion over the previous day's task amongst the inmates.

Thereafter, Priya was seen consoling Rishabh over losing the 'ticket to finale' task and further added that the latter has played in an eighty percent defensive and twenty percent attack mode. Further states that this lost opportunity will pave way for others to come.

Bigg Boss announced the next level of the 'ticket to finale task', where in the three winning contenders were asked to enter their respective fenced area made in the garden. The three fenced platforms were assigned with their separate buzzers. Rochelle was the sanchalak of the task and they were given three options-

1. Whoever presses the buzzer first will be out of the game, but will continue to stay in the Bigg Boss house.

2. Whoever presses next, will be out of the house by winning the prize money of Rs. 6,33,333.

3. Whoever presses last will directly win the 'ticket to finale'.

Mandana played safe by pressing the buzzer first and hence got out of the game but continue to live in the house. Now we got to see a tough fight between the brother and sister of the Bigg Boss house, Prince and Kishwer. 

Later in the task Bigg Boss increased the prize money to 8,00,000 which was deducted from the total amount of prize money of the Bigg Boss title which was 50,00,000 but now got reduced to 42,00,000. Despite that the two fierce competitors didn't move an inch.

To find out, Who will quit the game with the offered prize money and who will win the golden 'ticket to finale', keep watching Bigg Boss 9.