Tania Zaetta blames `blonde conspiracy` for her exit from reality series

Melbourne: Tania Zaetta has alleged that the culture of bullying for the cameras and the ‘blonde conspiracy’ of Lauryn Eagle, Charlotte Dawson and Patti Newton are responsible for her departure from Channel 9’s reality series `Celebrity Apprentice`.

The former Baywatch and sometime Bollywood actress has claimed she had been “dumbfounded at being portrayed as the villain” this season and believes she was eventually eliminated by producers because she “wasn’t playing the game.”

“I was bad TV for them. They wouldn``t have any comments of me saying nasty things and as much as they would sit there in the private interviews and try and bait it out of you...I was like ‘you can bait all you want but I``m not going to put anyone down. It``s just not who I am,” a website has quoted Zaetta as saying.

The 42-year-old TV presenter clashed nearly immediately with the younger Eagle and shared a joking, but suspicious working relationship with Dawson. But it’s Newton who she considers as a manipulative strategist.

“Patti, I learned, has this wonderful knack of going into the boardroom and suddenly flipping everything around in her imagination and was manipulating it against mostly me. She was part of the ‘Blonde Conspiracy,’ I like to call it,” she added.

Zaetta insisted that she is proud of maintaining her “ladylike```` composure during the four episodes in which she appeared, before being fired by Mark Bouris last night.