TV show `Khoobsurat` not the same as `Saajan`: Rohit Khurana

Mumbai: TV actor Rohit Khurana, who is currently playing RJ Ehsas in the show ‘Dil Ki Nazar Se-Khoobsurat’, says the story is not similar to the 1991 hit ‘Saajan’.

"You can say there is a little bit of a touch but our story is different. That story takes a different turn but this one cannot be the same," Rohit said here on the sets of the show to queries about the similarity between the show and ‘Saajan’.

Rohit plays Madhav but goes by the name of Ehsas on his radio show in the serial.

Madhav and Rahul (played by Abhishek Malik) are best friends and both of them love Aradhya (Soumya Seth), while she is in love with RJ Ehsas and believes Rahul is him.

‘Saajan’, starring Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit also had a similar story. While Sanjay played a poet by the pen name Saagar who did not reveal his true identity to the world, Madhuri played Pooja who is in love with Saagar.

However, Salman (Prem), who is Sanjay`s friend, falls in love with Pooja and presents himself as Saagar to her.

Rohit says the show will not go on the same lines as the film.

"The show has just started, the story is quite long and just wait and watch what happens," he said.

‘Dil Ki Nazar Se-Khoobsurat’ went on air Feb 25 this year and is telecast on Sony TV.