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Shaandaar movie review: Meet the insomniacs at the big fat Indian wedding!

Vikas Bahl's 'Shaandaar' is a beautiful love story of a sleepless couple 

Shaandaar movie review: Meet the insomniacs at the big fat Indian wedding!

In 'Queen' (2014), film director Vikas Bahl captured the story of an under-confident Punjabi girl Rani going on a Europe trip solo, and the film came out with flying colours – thanks to its befitting theme and the much-appreciated performance by Kangana Ranaut.

In 'Shaandaar', Bahl makes an attempt to show a gripping tale of love between a sleepless young couple – making it the ruling theme of the film on one hand, and glorifying it as one of the first destination wedding film on the other.

'Shaandaar' is grand; to put it in one word. Not grand so much in the story – which is a bit cliched, but in its acting and 'grandeur' filled screenplay with quirky interjections in the form of animation – and a bit of family drama.

So, the story rolls in a simple tale. There are two millionaire families who decide to marry off their children to embark on a business tie-up. The wedding is fixed in a sightly locale of beautiful Europe (here the worthy works of Anil Mehta come into picture). 

What all happens eventually is the gist of the story, but what happens as a spinoff of this plot, is the cream of the story. The shaandaar love that blooms between the wedding planner (Shahid Kapoor as Jogindar) and the sleepless beauty Alia (aila!). Alia is the daughter of Pankaj Kapur in the movie, and the BTB (bride-to-be) Sanah Kapoor is Alia's elder sister.

Coming to the leads, Alia is an insomniac. But she is a pretty insomniac; sans the dark circles and the looming tiredness. Jagjinder is the other insomniac who is afraid of nights and darkness. The two fall in love, don't ask how because it's obvious. They chirp their way through the lonesome nights in quaint locales and enthralling waterfalls. Love is only imminent, isn't it?

All said, it can't be denied that they stole away the trophy in this. Their magnetic chemistry, lovey-dovey cameraderie is a feast to the eyes that thronged for a romantic coup, undoubtedly!

The rest of the supporting cast is equally good, minus the 'OMG' slobbering twins, who at times were annoying if redundant. Sanah Kapoor showed some good acting skills in her debut.

Like most saas bahu serials, the ladies are the villains in the film. But the good thing is, 'Shaandaar's treatment as a good-natured film with an underlying message does the trick well. Live life 'shaandaar-like', is its real message.

What else could be expected from a good-humoured family drama? Some anecdotes of life-learning experiences, of course!

Music by Amit Trivedi is fantastic. Some songs are really good. Screenplay is dotted with a bit of animation and some 'butterfly' moments to give it a fairytale touch.

So here's 'Shaandaar' for you. A perfect recipe made out of crackling humour, love-teased cameo, family drama and a few 'wake up' moments of life. This brings us to the climax of the film which was the best. Oh, what a 'raita phailau' closure Bahl gives to the movie!

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