Kelly Osbourne proud of Adele

London: Singer Kelly Osbourne, who is friends with singer Adele and actor Robert Pattinson, is very proud of them. She thinks both of them set a great example for the rest of Britain.

"I know Adele from years back and I have hung out with Robert Pattinson in London since I was 19," quoted Osbourne as saying.

"It makes me so proud of my country that they are all doing so well...."

Osbourne says everyone in the country is very proud of Adele.

"Everyone was so happy that Adele won best original song at the Golden Globes. Adele is so well-loved," she said.

"When she hit the red carpet, everyone`s mouths dropped, her skin is glowing. I need to get her baby boy a present," said the 28-year-old.