Kangana Ranaut: I don’t believe in marriage

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut is one of those rare Bollywood female species who is NOT single, yet unwilling to get hitched anytime in future.

The young actress was vocal about her matrimony views during an interview with a film magazine. She spoke about her ongoing relationship with UK based doctor, Nicholas Lafferty.

“It has been almost two years now,” she said. “He keeps coming to India and I go for holidays with him. We’re young and we’re loving where we are today. This long-distance relationship works perfectly for us, contrary to popular belief.”

When questioned about her marriage plans with her beau, she answer was upfront, “I don’t believe in marriage. In fact, I am strictly against marriage. We are all born free and we should set each other free. Just because I am going out with someone doesn’t mean that I have to marry the person. So what if I am seeing someone? When you can just live with the person and be happy, why would you want to ruin a relationship? It doesn’t make sense to make things legal and tie someone down. I’d never do that.”

Kangana finished by adding that she would have to be really unhappy with herself to get married. Well, if that is what she desires, then we still wish her good luck!