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Like seriously! Marijuana is legal in these 8 countries

Explore these 8 countries where marijuana consumption is legalised!

Like seriously! Marijuana is legal in these 8 countries
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New Delhi: One must have seen naga babas consuming marijuana. Consumption of Cannabis is legal in various states across the United States of America and some other European countries, but that of course comes with T&C applied.

Here, we bring you some countries where consumption of marijuana is legal:

Czech Republic:

Marijuana is legal in this European country that permits its possession up to 15 grams. It has been legalised for medical use on prescription since 2013.


Cultivating Marijuana for personal consumption by adults is legal according to Switzerland laws. But, trading in marijuana is considered a criminal offense.

North Korea:

Surprisingly, consuming and trading marijuana is legal in the 'Democratic People's Republic of Korea'. It is widely regulated by this communist country.


Those over 18 years of age are allowed to buy Marijuana with a condition that they should be authorised residents of the country. Thus, making its consumption legal in this South American country.


Like many other South American nations, even Argentina has made consumption of Marijuana legal.  It is legal for consumption in small quantities and also for medical reasons.


Consumption of Marijuana was decriminalized in 2013 in this island country. Thus, one is allowed to use it for specific reasons.


Bollywood film 'Udta Punjab' has already made us aware of how legal is Marijuana is this North American nation. But, what masses don't know is that possession of only five grams of marijuana is allowed which is not even an ounce. Possession of larger amounts is still a punishable offense.