I was terrified I’d go bald after Ryan Giggs affair, says Imogen Thomas

London: Imogen Thomas has revealed that she was terrified of going bald after her affair with Ryan Giggs.

During an interview with Closer magazine, the 29-year-old said that she suffers from alopecia, which is triggered by stress.

“When I was 10, I developed alopecia and big clumps of my hair fell out,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“I had a lot of stress – my mum was a single parent and raised me and my sister on her own. My sister used to take over a lot and was very demanding. Then my mum got a new boyfriend who she’s still with now. We had to adapt,” she said.

The model, who is infamous for bedding the footballer, said that when her alleged affair was made public last year, “it stressed me out and my hair is still a bit thin.’

“The alopecia went on for a few years and, whenever I’m stressed like recently, it starts falling out again. I’m terrified I’ll go bald.

“People think I’m confident with my body, but I’m not. I’m pushing a size 12, which I know isn’t fat, but it’s more about how I feel about it. I think I’ve got fat hips and I’ve never really been happy with my body. I’ve become obsessed.

“People say I’m silly for complaining about my body, but they’re not in my head. I posted a photo on Twitter of me in my underwear, saying I’d gained weight over Christmas and couldn’t wait to lose it. Boy, did I get slated!

“Everyone said I was attention-seeking and sending out the wrong message to young girls because I already had a slim figure. I didn’t mean to upset anyone and I apologise if I made anyone angry. I know I’ve got body issues,” she added.