International Chefs Day: 7 Top Chefs Reveal Their Best-Kept Cooking Secrets Unvieling Culinary Excellence

International Chefs Day, celebrated annually on October 20th, serves as a global tribute to culinary artistry. 


7 Top Chefs Reveal Their Best-Kept Cooking Secrets Unvieling Culinary Excellence (freepik)

International Chefs Day, celebrated on October 20th, is a culinary delight that brings together the world's most passionate and creative culinary artists. As we prepare to celebrate this annual occasion, we've had the privilege of connecting with renowned chefs from diverse culinary backgrounds. 

These culinary maestros have graciously shared their 'Best Kept Cooking Secrets,' unveiling the hidden gems and techniques that have elevated their dishes to greatness. 

Chef Suresh DC, Brand Chef, Hosa says, "In the realm of culinary excellence, the best-kept cooking secret is a symphony of practices that elevate your dishes. The golden rule begins with the essence of freshness—always opt for the finest, freshest ingredients. The art lies in meticulously selecting the right elements and orchestrating a fusion of flavours that complement and enhance each other."

"So, the ultimate secret isn't just one, but a tapestry of practices—freshness, thoughtful ingredient selection, flavour synergy, the embrace of tradition, and the finesse of seasoning—all woven together to create a culinary masterpiece that transcends the ordinary."

"With a culinary journey that spans years and a passion for fusion cooking, I've honed a collection of invaluable cooking tips and techniques that have not only elevated my dishes but have also served as guiding lights for the budding chefs in my team. It begins with the simplest yet most crucial principle—utilizing fresh, local ingredients that infuse life and vibrancy into every dish, making them not only delicious but also budget-friendly. Slow cooking, an age-old wisdom, has always been my mantra," shares Sufeeyan Khan, Head Chef, Sao by the Shore.

Noah Barnes, Co-founder & Head Chef, Miss Margarita highlights, "My best kept cooking secret is fairly simple - Respecting ingredients and creating dishes or accompaniments keeping in mind a strong thought on doing justice to those ingredients . The secret to my cooking is first understanding my ingredients to use with an in depth study and then deciding how to cook it is that it shines in a dish."

"One of my most cherished cooking secrets is the intimate connection I have with my dishes, as I prefer to cook with my own hands – ensuring, of course, that they are impeccably clean! Within our kitchen, I've cultivated a repertoire of techniques that are undeniably distinct and personalized. Whether I'm crafting a classic cheesecake or any other dish, my secret weapon lies in the technique I apply. It's a testament to my belief that in the world of cooking, the unique touch and approach you bring to a dish can be the defining factor of its success," comments Chef Amal Farooque, Founder, Sage & Olio.

Chef Altamsh Patel, Executive Chef, Hilton Mumbai International Airport futher adds, "Never overlook the importance of deglazing your pan! When you're searing meat or sautéing vegetables in a hot pan, you'll often notice those small, flavorful bits that stick to the bottom—these are known as 'fond' in the realm of classical French cuisine. Fond, in essence, serves as the building blocks of a superb pan sauce, offering a rich depth of flavor."

"I firmly believe in harnessing the remarkable potency of simplicity when it comes to crafting culinary experiences. My culinary philosophy revolves around the utilization of the freshest, most vibrant produce available, treating them with the utmost respect through uncomplicated cooking methods," says Chef Abhijeet Bagwe, Executive Chef, Novotel Mumbai International Airport.

Chef Jerson Fernandes, Executive Chef, Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach concludes, "The best-kept secret is the collection of culinary tips and techniques shared by the chef to enhance the art of cooking and create exceptional dishes. These secrets, often developed and refined over years of culinary experience, are invaluable insights that can elevate one's cooking skills and transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary creations."