Shiney Ahuja confesses to raping maid: Report

Shiney Ahuja has finally confessed to raping his domestic help, reports claimed on Wednesday.

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, June 17: After maintaining that he had consensual sex, Shiney Ahuja has finally confessed to committing the horrendous act of raping his 18-year-old domestic help, reports claimed on Wednesday.

According to the latest news report, the actor completely broke down after the medical reports confirmed that the maid has been raped; seeing no way out he then confessed to his crime.

During interrogation, while recounting the incident that happened at his Mumbai residence last Sunday afternoon, the actor told the Mumbai Police that he has committed a ‘grave mistake’ stating ‘the maid resisted but he forced her into it’.

“I told her that she should stay mum. I was confident that she would tell anyone of the incident and I was ready to give her whatever she wanted to make sure that she would keep quite. I have made a grave mistake," Ahuja said.

In custody, Shiney is said to be in a remorseful state. Shockingly, Ahuja during the interrogation reportedly told police that it never occurred to him that the crime he was committing was "so much serious".

"He is completely shattered and is repenting for what he had done," Assistant Police Commissioner Dilip Suryavanshi said.

Another police officer said, "Ahuja has not been sleeping well in the lock-up and even skipped dinner on Monday night.”

The actor, who was presented before the court Monday, on charges of raping and threatening his housemaid, is on remand till 18th June.

Ahuja`s lawyer, Srikant Shivade, said if the actor has given any statement to police on his alleged role in the crime, it would not have evidential value in the court.

"We will wait until the chargesheet is filed," he added.

Shiney is presently lodged in the Oshiwara police station, which, incidentally, is right opposite his residence.

Earlier, his wife Anupam claimed that her husband was being framed as she came out in his defence yesterday.

Bollywood on the other hand is clearly shocked and embarrassed. Some filmi personalities did show their support towards the actor but now that he has confessed, it remains to be seen how many of his “friends” still stand by him.

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