'A Tourist Who Will Disappear': Congress' Vikramaditya Singh Mocks BJP's Kangana Ranaut Ahead Of High-Stakes Battle In Mandi

This electoral face-off in the Mandi constituency holds significant stakes as Congress candidate Vikramaditya Singh is up against BJP's Kangana Ranaut.

'A Tourist Who Will Disappear': Congress' Vikramaditya Singh Mocks BJP's Kangana Ranaut Ahead Of High-Stakes Battle In Mandi

MANDI: In the run-up to the crucial electoral showdown in Mandi Lok Sabha constituency, Congress MLA and Minister in the Himachal Pradesh government, Vikramaditya Singh, has directed a pointed 'tourist' jibe at his BJP adversary, Kangana Ranaut. Drawing a parallel between the actor-turned-politician and transient tourists, Singh highlighted the need for a serious commitment to electoral responsibilities. He underscored the electorate's discerning nature, emphasizing the importance of dedication, understanding of local issues, and substantive engagement in the political process.

"...It's the BJP's decision to whom they want their candidate. But, I would say that there is a committed leader and then those who are like tourists. The way tourists wear the regional clothes, get a picture and leave, a similar system is at work it seems. Now, it's people's decision whether they want entertainment or a serious leader. Whether they want a leader who says that we got Independence in 2014, but the people of Mandi are well-read and intellectual, they understand that contesting elections isn't fun, it requires dedication, commitment, understanding of the region and knowledge," Vikramaditya Singh said.



Singh, son of former Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh, didn't shy away from commenting on Ranaut's campaign style, remarking on her attire and projecting a temporary engagement with politics. "The way she dresses during campaigns is like she is going for a shoot,'' he said adding that ''she will return after two to three months."

Responding to inquiries about his prospects against Kangana Ranaut, Singh's mother and Congress leader, Pratibha Singh, expressed confidence in her son's candidacy. She maintained that the party's decision to field Vikramaditya reflects trust in the youth leadership, dismissing concerns about Ranaut's campaigning efforts. "Our High Command has decided to field Vikramaditya (from Mandi). I am happy that they have given this responsibility to a youth candidate... It's good that she (Kangana Ranaut) is visiting places for her campaign, it's her duty as the party (BJP) has given her the ticket. We don't need to be bothered by that, we already have visited those places. We don't need to give our introduction to the people, they know us and have always been with us. I hope this time also, they will vote for our candidates and send them to the Parliament," she added.



This electoral face-off in the Mandi constituency holds significant stakes, with Vikramaditya Singh, supported by the Congress, vying against Kangana Ranaut, representing the BJP.

Singh's critique extends beyond Ranaut's campaign style; he has previously rebuked her 'Chhota Pappu' remark, expressing a desire for her to exhibit greater sensibility. Additionally, Singh challenged Ranaut to a substantive debate, accusing her of diverting attention from critical state issues.

In a notable video message, Singh urged Ranaut to address pressing matters, such as the recent Manali disaster, instead of indulging in political jibes. "We respect our elder sister Kangana Ranaut in high regard. Today, she addressed the people of Manali. Rather than criticising the Congress party and its leaders, it would have been more constructive if she had addressed the significant disaster that occurred in Manali a few months ago, which is considered one of the biggest calamities of the century," Singh remarked.