Best Typing Speed Test of 2024

You'll need to take typing tests regularly to improve your typing speed and get a better score on the Words Per Minute. You may consider using typing software, but there's no need. There are capable typing tests offering websites that will serve your purpose - increase typing speed and accuracy.

Best Typing Speed Test of 2024

This website is designed to help you focus on your goal of improving your typing speed. The TypingTest website offers typing tests with three different time limits: a one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute test. With no unnecessary bells and whistles, this website lets you look at your target - know your Words Per Minute and let you practice to improve it.

The website does not require you to share any personal information to create an account, ensuring your privacy. The process is simple: you simply need to click the test buttons and start typing. There are no forms to fill out or information to provide, allowing you to focus on finishing the test within the time.

Its interface is so neat that you only focus on the predefined text on the screen and type it out against the chosen time. Of course, you get the green highlight for the correct keystroke and the red highlight for the incorrect one. Since there are no distractingly large counter sounds or digits, you can focus on the text entirely. At the end of every test, you get a score for your Words Per Minute, Accuracy, and Net Speed. You can refer to the FAQs on the site to learn how the test calculates those measures.

While the objective is to help you take a typing test, this website attempts to offer many things at once. For starters, you get to take a typing test for various time limits and myriad text types. You can choose the subject of your liking, such as Pop Culture, Technology, Sports, etc. That only makes sense if you're looking to practice only in a specific type of field.

If you tweak the text type by theme and take a test accordingly, you are bound to struggle with the text. Even if you are aware of the subject, it will throw you random words. The odd part is that the test doesn't highlight the typos, but only the incorrect spellings. While it lets you hit the backspace, there's no clarity on whether that also counts as a keystroke in the final calculation.

The different test types, such as Easy, Advanced, or Professional, all appear significant at face value. However, they're bound to overwhelm you with choices and options. It's easy to get demotivated by trying out different tests. But you will need to find out which one is actually meant for you to start. The website also offers several typing help lessons that require a lot of clicking to navigate through.

Also, the website's graphics could use a little modern touch, for they often make it too heavy to load. There are links leading to Typing Games, which are supposed to help but can easily distract you from your goal.

Whether you are a student or a professional, you must spend some time navigating the site. Even if you manage to find and start a typing test, the website will keep prompting you to provide your personal details to create an account to save your test details. The site claims to have standardized its test and scoring mechanism for students, professionals, and government officials.

The most painful part is that the site is riddled with ads. Teachers or Instructors can create a free account. However, students must pay to buy a membership upgrade to remove the ads and save their progress. Some of the tests are designed with specific purpose text - medical, laws, different key layout formats, etc. At the same time, the diversity in the tests may help to fine-tune your short-term goal. However, you'll end up playing around with many tests that may not align with your overall goal.

The site has "gamified" several typing games to help the students learn typing better. At times, you'll feel your test is quite easy or fun. However, most of the time, it'd feel irrelevant.

The website is best suited for students who primarily want to learn typing properly. Those who come with a goal of improvement will often get distracted.



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