Bizarre: Mumbai bus driver replaces gear knob with bamboo stick

Raj Kumar threw caution to the wind and put countless innocent lives at risk with his 'jugaad.'

Bizarre: Mumbai bus driver replaces gear knob with bamboo stick

Mumbai: In a shocking revelation that has put the spotlight on the blatant disregard for safety and road traffic rules, a 22-year-old school bus driver was caught driving his vehicle with a bamboo stick placed in place of a gear knob.

Raj Kumar was driving the bus to Poddar International School in Khar suburb on Wednesday when he hit a car. When the owner of the car came out to confront Kumar, he found that the bus had been fitted with a bamboo stick where a proper gear knob is used. He immediately informed police officials who investigated the matter and took Kumar into custody.

It is reported that Kumar had blamed his steering wheel for Wednesday's accident but when asked about the bamboo stick, he said that the gear knob in the bus had broken a few days back and that he had opted to replace it with a bamboo stick till proper repairs could be made. At the time of the accident, students were present inside the bus and all were safe. A much bigger and more unfortunate incident, however, could have taken place which could have put the lives of the children at a greater risk due to Kumar's negligence.

Kumar was eventually produced in a local court and was granted bail. Police officials say that they would investigate the matter and ensure that no vehicle uses such a callous system.

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