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Bizzare: You won't believe why MP police 'arrested' two roosters

Local cops in Madhya Pradesh's Betul 'arrested' two roosters after their owners - accused of illegal betting by making the birds fight - fled the scene.

Bizzare: You won't believe why MP police 'arrested' two roosters
Zee News Photo

New Delhi: After Haryana Police locked up horses and donkeys for damaging saplings in a prison premise, it is the turn of Madhya Pradesh Police to take bizarre to the next level. Cops in Betul in the southern part of the state 'arrested' two roosters after the birds were involved in an illegal cock-fight betting racket.

The racket was busted by local cops after they received a tip-off. While the owners of the roosters managed to flee, their feathered pets were not so fortunate.  Possibly unwilling to return empty-handed, the cops reportedly chose to 'arrest' the two roosters instead. Nine motorcycles were also confiscated from the location where the fights were being organised. "We got to know about this illegal betting racket a few days back. Several local villagers were involved. The betting was organised by a select group of people who also were responsible for fixing the rate," said Devendra, a local cop.

While a hunt is reportedly on for the people who organised the betting, the owners of the two roosters were apprehended, charged under the illegal betting act and produced before a local court on Thursday. The magistrate imposed a fine of Rs 500 on each of them after they admitted their fault.