Coach of Antyodaya Express from Mumbai derails, no injuries reported

The incident took place on a bridge and it is being reported that had the coach moved even a little after coming off the track, a major tragedy could have occured.

Coach of Antyodaya Express from Mumbai derails, no injuries reported

A coach of the Gorakhpur-bound Antyodaya Express from Mumbai's Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) derailed near Kasara Ghat near Nashik in Maharashtra.

The incident reportedly happened in the wee hours of Thursday morning when, at around 3 AM, the wheels of the second coach of the Antyodaya Express came off the track. The train had departed from CST at midnight and was making scheduled progress when the incident took place. Most of the passengers on board were asleep but were jolted out of their slumber when the second coach came off the track. Radheshyam Choudhary, a passenger, told Zee News that there was a massive noise and that this was followed by emergency brakes being applied. There were jolts felt by passengers in all the coaches, he added.

The incident took place on a bridge in Kasar Ghat and it is being said that if the derailed coach had moved even a little further - either way - after the derailment, tragedy could have struck.

Emergency personnel were dispatched immediately after the incident was reported and Central Railway has informed that train traffic on one of three lines on the route had been halted. The other two lines are operational although two other trains on this route had to be cancelled following the incident.

While no injury has been reported, passengers have lashed out at railway authorities for not providing food or water.