Consensus Achieved on G20 Summit Leaders’ Declaration: PM Modi Announces Breakthrough

The applause and support from fellow G20 leaders underscored the significance of this diplomatic milestone. 

In a historic turn of events, the G20 Summit in New Delhi has concluded with the long-awaited achievement of consensus on the Leaders' Declaration, as proudly announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This breakthrough comes after prolonged and arduous negotiations, marked by a contentious reference to the Ukraine crisis, which had held up the summit's outcome document. Prime Minister Modi's announcement, made during the summit's second session, resonated with a sense of triumph and unity as he declared the adoption of the leaders' declaration. The applause and support from fellow G20 leaders underscored the significance of this diplomatic milestone. However, the details of how consensus was reached, particularly concerning the Ukraine crisis paragraph, remain shrouded in mystery, leaving the world eager for further insights into this landmark agreement.

1. Successful Conclusion:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declares that the G20 member states have reached a consensus on the Leaders' Declaration during the New Delhi Summit.

2. Prolonged Negotiations:

The announcement follows extensive negotiations that had been delayed due to a reference to the Ukraine crisis within the outcome document.

3. Modi's Announcement:

During the second session of the summit, PM Modi, speaking in Hindi, shares the achievement with the world.

4. Immediate Adoption:

Modi proposes and subsequently declares the adoption of the leaders' declaration, marked by a symbolic gavel thrice and applause from fellow G20 leaders.

5. Acknowledgment of Efforts:

PM Modi expresses gratitude to ministers, sherpas, and officials for their dedicated efforts in achieving this consensus.

6. Details on Consensus:

No immediate details are available regarding how the G20 states reached a consensus on the leaders' declaration, particularly concerning the contentious paragraph related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

7. Twitter Response:

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman takes to Twitter to emphasize PM Modi's vision of human-centric globalization and the concerns of the Global South, thanking all G20 members for their cooperation and support.

8. Resolution Efforts:

Hours before the announcement, the Indian side circulated new text among G20 states to address the Ukraine crisis reference in the draft leaders' declaration, marking a significant effort to break the impasse.

9. Global Repercussions:

The breakthrough in the G20 leaders' declaration carries significant global implications, as it addresses crucial issues impacting international relations.

10. Outcome of Diplomacy:

The consensus reached demonstrates the power of diplomacy and international cooperation in addressing complex global challenges.