Full Review of CBD Pain Cream and Topicals from JUSTCBD 2022

Are you in pain and in need of intense relief? If so this is the CBD gel for you.

Full Review of CBD Pain Cream and Topicals from JUSTCBD 2022

If you’ve been looking for a CBD product to help soothe aches and pains you're in the right place! CBD topicals are a particularly good option for this as they offer targeted pain relief to the areas that need it most. Today we’ve highlighted 5 of the best CBD pain creams and topicals from JustCBD.

Ultra Relief CBD Gel

Are you in pain and in need of intense relief? If so this is the CBD gel for you. This Ultra Pain Relief CBD Gel is made from 1000mg of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) which is known to relieve pain in the body and help with inflammation.

To make this gel even more effective, not only does it have CBD, it also contains naturally-derived menthol which creates a cooling sensation on the skin. As well as Rosmarinus officinalis oil (Rosemary oil) which has natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary has also been noted to improve circulation.

The Thymus vulgaris oil (Thyme oil) is another versatile ingredient in this CBD gel. It’s also known for its pain relieving properties. Lastly, the Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) is a powerful antifungal herb that has also been shown to relieve pain or irritated skin. This combination of ingredients make a potent healing gel. This CBD topical comes in a 1000mg bottle complete with a pump for easy application.


CBD Relief Cream

This CBD Relief Cream had been specially formulated to target irritation and pain before it spreads. Packed full of potent plant power to create a soothing solution for your skin. This cream contains a mixture of Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera), coconut oil and vegetable-based glycerin. And of course the pillar ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD), which penetrates the dermal skin layer to reach your CB2 receptors in your body.

If you’re looking for a fast-acting and easily-absorbed CBD cream for pain and muscle soreness this is the cream for you. The cream doesn't have a strong scent and leaves no greasy residue on your skin. It’s also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin as it’s free-from fragrance and other irritating ingredients.    

This CBD pain cream comes in a variety of sizes including 2oz, 4oz and 8oz containers. 


Freeze Roll-On Pain Relief

If you’re looking to freeze pain dead in its tracks, without the sticky mess, then this fast-drying JustCBD pain cream is for you. The vegan formula combines CBD isolate with the power of medicinal plants. The mint, camphor and eucalyptus mix together to create a naturally soothing menthol.  This menthol creates a soothing and cooling sensation on the skin. Menthol has been used for centuries as a counter irritant.

Roll-ons are especially good for joint pain, sports injuries, neck tension and lower back pain. If you’re in need of a CBD pain relief roll-on that actually works this is the product for you. 

All of JustCBD’s roll-ons are made with hemp that has been grown, harvested and tested in the USA. This particular plant-based formula features over 90% organic ingredients. It comes in a 350mg tube.  


CBD Heat Relief Cream 350mg

When your muscles are sore and tired there's nothing better than applying some heat to the area. A warm bath is the perfect solution but when that’s not an option this therapeutic CBD Heat Relief Cream will do the job nicely. The combination of heat and CBD can help to loosen and soften your muscles, helping you to feel more relaxed. CBD topicals are so much more convenient and easy to use when they come in a roll-on, which is why this CBD cream is perfect for when you're out and about.

This CBD cream for pain combines the power of CBD with ginger, cinnamon and pepper to give a gentle warming effect on the skin. Simply roll it over the affected area and you’ll feel the warming effects within a few minutes. The recipe is 100% plant-based making it suitable for vegans and it's gluten-free. It’s quick-absorbing and fast-drying offering you a no-fuss application. It comes in a 350mg tube.


CBD Infused Relief Cream Airless Pump

JustCBD have harnessed the power of CBD and antioxidant-rich botanicals to bring you this fast-acting pain relief topical. The ultra-hydrating base formula consists of coconut oil, organic aloe, witch hazel and vitamin E to leave your skin feeling softer. While the CBD penetrates the dermal and subdermal layers of your skin to deliver it’s benefits deep inside.

This pain cream is free-from fragrances, parabens and sulphates making it a great option for anyone with sensitive skin. The fast-acting formula offers temporary relief from most aches and muscle pain.

If you’re new to CBD this pain relief cream is the perfect option for you as it only contains a mild dose of CBD, 100mg per 2 oz bottle. It’s also a great option for anyone that isn't a fan of menthol or the sensation it brings. You can buy this CBD topical in 100mg, 500mg and 1000mg tubes.


How do CBD topicals work?

Once you’ve applied the CBD pain cream the CBD soaks into your skin where it then interacts with your natural CB2 receptors within your body. This interaction sends a signal to your endocannabinoid system which has been said to regulate pain and inflammation. As well as this, CBD creams can help stop the build up of dead skin cells and soothe the pain that is associated with certain skin infections.

How long does it take for CBD pain cream to work?

When applied directly to the affected area CBD topicals for pain should start to work after 15 to 45 minutes. It’s important to remember that everyone's tolerance to CBD is different so that time frame will vary from person to person. Factors that affect how long before you feel the effects include your individual body chemistry, your weight and your tolerance to CBD.




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