IIT Success Stories: Inspiring Journeys Of 5 IITians That You Must Read

Explore the remarkable journeys of five IITians whose inspiring success stories transcend academia, showcasing resilience, innovation, and triumph against all odds.

IIT Success Stories: Inspiring Journeys Of 5 IITians That You Must Read

New Delhi: For the majority of Indian engineering students, the IITs are the best option. But getting into the IITs requires passing the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which consists of the Main and Advanced exams. This is a difficult feat to accomplish. Nonetheless, some IITians have overcome major obstacles to achieve their goals. These are a few along with their narratives.

Naresh Karatura Graduated From IIT-M Despite Physical Challenges

The life story of IIT Madras computer science engineer Naga Naresh Karutara is incredibly motivating. Naresh, who is from a tiny village in Andhra Pradesh, was in a childhood accident that left him without a leg. His parents were illiterate, and his father drove a truck. He was confined to a wheelchair, but he succeeded in the IIT-JEE and graduated from IIT Madras, allowing him to later join Google.

This IIT-B Graduate Beat Disability To Land Dream Japan Job

Rajesh Sharma passed the IIT-JEE in 2009 to gain admission to IIT-Bombay despite having a neglected clubfoot that affects his lower limbs. Despite his inability to pay for coaching, he managed to place 20th in the physically disabled category. The son of a carpenter from Jodhpur, Sharma later secured his ideal job with a Rs. 32 LPA package during campus placements at the Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten.

Rajiv Dandotiya's Journey From 39% In Class-12 To IIT-KGP

Rajiv Dandotiya, a student from a remote village in Rajasthan, performed below average in class, earning only 39%. But he prepared for JEE after realising that education was the only way to provide for his family. On his third try, he passed the JEE in 2002, earning admission to IIT Kharagpur. Later, he joined Maersk Drilling and pursued a PhD. At the moment, he works in Sweden for Tetra Pak.

IIT-Patna Alumnus Shivam Porwal Battled A Rare Birth Defect

An IIT Patna alumnus named Shivam Porwal was born with malformed legs and missing fingers. Porwal, who was born with the rare birth defect phocomelia syndrome, was from Mahidpur in Madhya Pradesh. His father made Rs. 100 a month working in a paan shop. He overcame physical obstacles and financial difficulties to pass the GATE and gain admission to IIT Patna. Later on, he became a Telecom Officer at BSNL.

Abhishek Bhartiya From A Poor Background Got Into IIT-Kanpur

Abhishek Bhartiya, who came from a very poor family, used to work during the day and study at night before being accepted into IIT-Kanpur. When his mother sewn garments, his father would fix shoes. Abhishek overcame financial difficulties to ace JEE-2010 and gain admission to IIT-Kanpur through independent study.