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In advisory for New Year's eve, Vadodara police warns women against 'small clothes'

The Vadodara Police, in its notification, states that show of skin in vulgar or obscene manner is banned. It, however, does not explain what classifies as vulgar or obscene.

In advisory for New Year's eve, Vadodara police warns women against 'small clothes'
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Police officials in Vadodara will ensure that the safety of women is not compromised with on New Year's eve but has issued an advisory which has warned them against wearing 'small clothes.' In its list of dos and dont's, the notification highlights that people should not indulge in anything that would have an adverse effect on children and the susankari society.

In the notification, issued by Vadodara Police Commissioner Anupam Singh Ghalaut, people have been warned against rash driving, consumption of liquor and rowdy behaviour. "Every year, under the pretext of celebrations for December 31 to welcome the new year, anti-social elements, either by themselves or through people known to them organise various kinds of parties. During such parties, the celebrations include consumption of intoxicating drinks, indulging in indecent behaviour or posture," the notification reads.

The notification has also prohibited the use of loudspeakers and bursting of crackers beyond 2200hrs. Organisers of parties and events have to install CCTV cameras. And while these measures could indeed help in minimising chances of any unfortunate incident, the notification then goes on to target 'show of skin.' The notification states that showing skin in a vulgar or obscene manner is banned because it can have a detrimental impact on impressionable children. What exactly makes for showing of skin in a vulgar or obscene manner, however, has not been explained.

This particular part of the notification is likely to draw ire from people at large because not only is it vague and confusing, it also reeks of moral policing in a country where men and women are free to choose what they wear.

Nontheless, to ensure safety of all in the city, the notification informs that 40 check posts would be put up and that 1000 police officials would be on duty.