India-Pakistan tension: New Delhi winning diplomatic war and other top developments

At least three F-16 fighter jets of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) crossed the LoC on Wednesday morning to target Indian military buildings but the IAF responded quickly forcing the PAF jets to retreat.

India-Pakistan tension: New Delhi winning diplomatic war and other top developments

The ongoing tension between India and Pakistan following Indian Air Force's daring airstrike on Jaish-e-Mohammad's terror camp in Pakistan on February 26 is refusing to die down as Pakistan violated Indian airspace on Wednesday with a plan to target Indian military buildings. At least three F-16 fighter jets of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) crossed the LoC to target Indian military buildings but the Indian Air Force responded quickly forcing the PAF jets to retreat.

Here are the top 10 developments of the last two days:

1. US, France, UK have proposed listing of Jaish e Mohammad(JeM) Chief Masood Azhar according to news agency Reuters. Listing under the 1267 committee of United Nations Security Council will freeze his assets and put him global no flight list. French govt last week said it will be proposing his listing with British govt sources confirming to WION that they in talks with UNSC members for his listing.

2. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will be going to UAE today for 2 day Organisation of Islamic Cooperation foriegn ministers meet on 1st and 2nd March. This is for the first time India has been invited as a guest at the meet. Meanwhile, Pakistan's foreign minister SM Qureshi has threatened to boycott the meet if India is not disinvited. Speaking to a Pakistani channel, Qureshi said, "If Sushma Swaraj attends the meeting then I will not participate in it".

3. India has pointed out to the contradictions and repeated flip flop of Pakistan over its claim on the capture of an Indian Air Force pilot. Highlighting the contradictory statements made by the Pakistani Army post the capture of an IAF personnel, a top source told WION, "The DG ISPR had tweeted that there is only one Indian pilot in Pakistan's custody." The Pakistan PM also in his statements mentioned "Pilots". The source said, "This is evidence that the Pakistani officials and military were not briefing their PM correctly.", Adding, "If they cannot even present the right facts before their Prime Minister, how can we trust them to take any action against terrorists."

4. Pakistani airspace remains closed in the aftermath of strikes launched by the country on Indian military installations. Jet Airways in a statement said due to the closure of Pakistani airspace, flights to and from India will not be flying over Pakistan and re-routing to ensure safety and security of its operation. The rerouting will be increasing the flight time. International flight routes have been disrupted due to the tensions. Thai Airways has cancelled its Europe flights while Air Canada has cancelled flights to India.

5. India has slammed Pakistan at the 40th session of the human rights council. In an addressed by India's permanent representative Rajiv Chander United Nations Offices in Geneva said, "We expect that Pakistan lives up to its commitments and takes follow up actions to dismantle all Jaish E Mohammad and other camps and hold the terrorist accountable for the actions".

6. In an email statement to WION, the US has called India & Pakistan to cease all cross-border military activity &  return to stability. The US state department urged both sides to take "immediate steps to de-escalate the situation, including direct communication." Adding, further military activity will exacerbate the situation. It also called Pakistan to abide by its United Nations Security Council commitments to deny "terrorists safe haven & block their access to funds"

7. The four Indians stranded in Lahore are likely to come back to India by Wagha today. They are stuck in Lahore since all flights in Pakistani airspace were grounded in the backdrop of Pakistan strikes on Indian military installations. Meanwhile, Pakistani authorities have said that they have suspended Samjotha express. According to Pakistani media reports, the train was cancelled this morning. 

8. According to news agency ANI, NSA Ajit Doval and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a telephonic conversation on Wednesday night. During call the Pompeo said that the US supported India’s decision to take action against JeM terror camp on Pakistani soil. Remember India's external affairs minister also spoke to Pompeo on Tuesday in the aftermath of the Indian strikes on JeM camps in Pakistan.

9. Indian Ambassador to US Harsh Shringla has said that New Delhi will not keep quiet to any act of terrorism. According to news agency PTI, Shringla said India will be giving "appropriate response" to all terrorism incidents. He also called on Pakistan to meet its international obligations to crackdown on terrorist networks and safe havens within its territory.

10. The Indian markets opened in positive. The markets have been trading in negative in the backdrop of India Pakistan tensions for the last 2 days. Pakistan's karachi stock exchange has fallen more than 2000 points in last 2 days. 

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