Justice before family: Constable helps nab murder-accused son

Kailash Chandra informed his senior officers when he got to know his son had allegedly committed a murder.

Justice before family: Constable helps nab murder-accused son Image used for representational purpose only.

A head constable with Rajasthan Police has earned the respect and accolade of his seniors and colleagues for helping solve a murder case in which his own son was an accused.

Kailash Chandra is believed to have had no hesitation in choosing law and justice over family ties and reportedly informed his seniors about his son's involvement in a murder in Harmada (Rajasthan). The crime involved Sudhir Sharma allegedly kidnapped Shravan Sharma, a property dealer, on April 18 before strangulating him with a wire. Even as the police hunted for Sharavan, an emotional Chandra came into a senior official's office and informed him that it was Sudhir who had killed Shravan.

Based on this information, police officials nabbed Sudhir and eventually recovered the body of Shravan.

It is reported that Sudhir and Shravan had a fallout over some transactions and it is because of this that Sudhir allegedly killed Shravan.

While the police may have solved the murder mystery, many are praising Chandra for his steely resolve to turn his son in. Although very and understandably emotional, Chandra's devotion to duty has been lauded even by high-ranking officials of Rajasthan Police.

(Reported by Vishnu Sharma/Zee Rajasthan)