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Kamal Haasan's new political party will be called Makkal Needhi Maiam

The new party's flag and logo reflect the colours of the Dravidian Movement.

Kamal Haasan's new political party will be called Makkal Needhi Maiam
The flag of the Makkal Needhi Maiam features hands holding each other. (Picture: Twitter/@ANI)

Tamil film star Kamal Haasan has formally launched his political party in Madurai on Wednesday evening. The party will be called 'Makkal Needhi Maiam', which means 'People's Justice Centre'. He also unfurled the flag of the new party, which featured six hands holding each other, around a white star on a field of black.

"I am your tool, not your leader," Kamal Haasan said at the beginning of his speech after unveiling the party's name and flag. He also spoke of the latent anger among the people of the state with the politics, and said his new party would offer the solution to the corruption that he said had taken over Tamil Nadu's politics.

Even as Kamal Haasan took the stage, his handle released a the logo of the party on Twitter. "The newly founded MAKKAL NEEDHI MAIAM is your party. It's here to stay, and to make the change we all aspire for. Guide us to serve you," read the tweet. It also unveiled the new political outfit's website and its profiles on Facebook and Twitter.



Within 30 minutes of the tweet, the official handle of the party already had 4,700 followers and followed only one handle - that of Kamal Haasan. The Facebook page of the party already had over 3,800 followers.

It also didn't take long for the party to release a picture of its leader holding his hands in what is sure to become the party's stage display.



It is notable that the colour scheme of the flag and logo echo the colours of the Dravidian Movement - black and red. The addition of white reflects the colour's addition to the Dravidian pantheon through the launch of the AIADMK by MG Ramachandran in 1972.

AAP leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took part at the launch meeting, along with former Delhi minister and party colleague Somnath Bharti.



Kejriwal delivered a glowing endorsement for the fledgling political outfit. "Till today the people of Tamil Nadu were stuck between two parties. There were only two parties - DMK and ADMK. Both of them are corrupt parties. Today I want to congratulate the people of Tamil Nadu because they have an honest political alternative. Next time you go out to vote you don't have to vote for a corrupt party. You can vote for an honest party. You can vote for Kamal Haasan," Kejriwal said.

The launch of the party is the culmination of a day which Kamal began with a visit to the memorial of former President APJ Abdul Kalam.