Lappy Maker: This Lady Startup Provides Doorstep Solutions for Laptops

This Delhi-based brand allows people to book quick, affordable and quality repair service at their doorstep, giving Laptop owners an option beyond the often-expensive authorised service centres.

Lappy Maker: This Lady Startup Provides Doorstep Solutions for Laptops

For Laptop owners, getting their devices repaired can be a harrowing task. Most prefer authorised service centres rather than the more affordable local technicians because of the latter's uncertain quality and lack of transparency in services.

A consumer has two options: pay large costs at an authorised service centre or pray that your Laptop gets a good repair at the local repair shop. Thus, there's a massive opportunity to combine the best of both.

 Worlds: be as process-driven and quality controlled as the former and be as friendly and cost-effective as the local repair shop.

Lappy Maker was founded by Shivani Tyagi, who was looking for a better repair experience. She was unhappy with the high prices and poor customer service she had been experiencing at local repair shops, so she decided to start her own company.

Shivani says she realised that repair service was a problem that needed to be solved, and over 50 per cent of the laptops weren't repaired at authorised service centres due to their exorbitant rates.

To address this problem, Shivani founded Lappy Maker in September 2018. The startup is a network of premium repair centres offering quality service at the convenience of the doorstep with a service guarantee.

It allows customers to get their Laptops repaired without having to leave them at the shop, and it also eliminates the hassle of having to go out and stand in long queues. "It is an alternative option where people end up paying 35-40 per cent less than the authorised service centres," says Shivani.

Despite the slim chance that your Lappy Maker-serviced Laptop would develop a problem, the company has gone above and beyond to satisfy customers by offering a remarkable 1 Year Warranty on part replacement following service.

 Therefore, Lappy Maker bears full responsibility for fixing any issues free of charge in the highly improbable case that may arise after service. When your device is being repaired, this gives you

much-needed peace of mind.

Even though authorised service centres are trustworthy, many Laptop owners choose not to service their devices there because of the high cost of the servicing. The cost of Lappy Maker's service is reasonable and is over 40% less than what you would pay at an authorised service centre.

In addition, Lappy Maker guarantees complete transparency in its invoices, and it makes sure you pay the amount requested before the service begins. There won't be any unforeseen circumstances for you.

Taking a damaged device to the technician is one of the most challenging duties for a Laptop owner. Lappy Maker helps you by offering free home delivery and pickup of your device.

In other words, Lappy Maker takes care of all the bothersome service details, freeing you up to focus on other elements of your life without worrying about your device. The Laptop is picked up from a customer's doorstep and delivered after service.

Lappy Maker ensures that only high-quality spare parts are used if your device has faulty parts that need changing. This eliminates your worry about duplicate parts getting into your Laptop device and putting it at risk.

 This startup offers various services tailored to each customer's requirements. The brand provides quality repair services, ranging from basic motherboard repair to screen and battery replacement, to help keep your device up and running efficiently at the same time.

Additionally, customers can benefit from other services, including SSD and RAM upgrades, liquid damage repair, and many more. "We do a lot to educate them to make a more responsible choice. More customers today want to make a more responsible choice," says Shivani.

Several channels are available for customers to book services, including websites, WhatsApp, and even direct phone calls to the sales team. Quick service booking times and good response rates are shared by all three options. Without any help from a person, you can use the website to request a callback at a convenient time for the service to occur.

One of the things that helped set Lappy Maker apart from the competition is its focus on quality and customer service. They only use high-quality spare parts with a 1-year service guarantee, and all their technicians are extensively trained. They have in-house experts with 10+ years of experience.

This commitment to quality and expertise in fixing Mac devices has earned them a reputation for being known as the best MacBook repair experts in town. Another way Lappy Maker has set itself apart from other repair shops is by offering a "Visit within an hour" guarantee in Delhi NCR.

Shivani Tyagi, CEO of Lappy Maker, says, "Our customers are the most important thing to us. We ensure that everyone gets treated like family when they walk through our doors."

Lappy Maker has successfully marketed their business through word-of-mouth, search engine and social media. They have a strong presence on Google, Facebook and Instagram and are always looking for ways to engage their customers and keep them updated on the latest news and promotions.

From starting with a few hundred customers to growing their business in just four years, Lappy Maker has come a long way. Delivering value to customers is critical to building trust, says Shivani Tyagi.

Their focus on quality customer service and innovative marketing strategies has quickly grown their business and fixed more than 30,000 laptops! Lappy Maker operates in six cities - Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Greater Noida and aims to expand to the next ten cities in 18 months.



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