Lok Sabha Chunav 2024 LIVE | ' Today A Stable Govt Is Important...': PM Modi In Banswara

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 LIVE Updates: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will not attend INDIA Opposition alliance's Ulgulan Nyaya Maha rally in Ranchi at 2 p.m today due to health reasons.


Lok Sabha Elections 2024 LIVE Updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address one public meeting in each of Rajasthan's Jalore and Banswara districts on Sunday. Prime Minister Modi will have a public meeting in Jalore at 1:30 p.m. and Banswara at 4 p.m. Home Minister Amit Shah will hold a public meeting at 11 a.m. in West Bengal's Darjelling at the Gorkha Stadium in Lebong, followed by a roadshow in Assam's Silchar from DSA Stadium to Ambicapatty point at 4:15 p.m.

Leaders from 14 political parties, including Mallikarjun Kharge, Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Prasad, Farooq Abdullah, Akhilesh Yadav, and Sunita Kejriwal, wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, will participate in the Ulgulan Nyaya Maha rally organised at Prabhat Tara Ground, Dhurua in Ranchi at 2 p.m today.

The march, led by Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), will take place at the Prabhat Tara venue in Jharkhand's capital. The march has the support of 28 parties and will draw over five lakh people from throughout the state.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi will address a public meeting in MP and Jharkhand. He will hold a public meeting in Madhya Pradesh's Satna at 11 a.m. in which State Congress Chief Jitu Patwari will accompany him. In Chhattisgarh, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will address two public events: at 2:30 p.m. in Rajnandgaon and at 12:30 p.m. in Barod.

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21 April 2024
19:55 IST

Lok Sabha Polls Live: BJP Leader Rajnath Singh Slams Mamta  Banerjee Over CAA

While addressing the public rally in Murshidabad, BJP leader and Union Minister Rajnath Singh said that BJP will soon come to West Bengal and implement the CAA in the state.

"We said, if the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan want to come to India, we have a legislation for them. Mamata Banerjee says she will not implement CAA in West Bengal, I want to tell her, that she is soon leaving, and BJP is coming to West Bengal. We will implement CAA and the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, who have arrived in West Bengal," he said.

17:39 IST

LS Polls Live Updates: 'Because Of Their Drawing Room Politics..': Nadda Blames Congress For Poverty

Hitting out at Congress, BJP leader JP Nadda said, "When Jawaharlal Nehru gave the slogan of 'Gareebi Hatao', there was 50% poverty. When Indira Gandhi said 'Gareebi Hatao', there was 60% poverty. Rajiv Gandhi admitted that only 15 paise reached the poor out of 1 rupee. Now, Rahul Gandhi says that he will finish poverty in one blow, which they could not do in 60 years. This happened because of their 'Drawing room' politics."

17:38 IST

2024 LS Polls Live Updates| 'Today Stable Govt Is Important...': PM Modi 

Speaking at a rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, PM Modi highlighted, "It's crucial to have a strong and dependable government in our nation today... One that uplifts the underprivileged—be it the poor, women, farmers, or marginalized communities—towards prosperity... A government that comprehends the dreams of our youth and formulates policies to empower them..."

17:19 IST

LS Polls 2024 Live: 'You Blame Congress And Destroy Consitution...', Kharge Attacks BJP 

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge spoke at a public gathering, emphasizing, "The INDIA alliance is poised to secure a substantial victory. The primary concerns of the populace revolve around unemployment and inflation... There's widespread dissatisfaction. Where is the progress? Instead of constructive action, the BJP merely points fingers at Congress and undermines the principles of the Indian Constitution..."

15:55 IST

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 Live Updates: 'It Is Govt Of Corrupts, Goons And Criminals', Rajnath Singh Attacks TMC

Speaking at a public rally in Malda, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said, "When one inquires about the accomplishments of the TMC government in the state, the consensus is that it's a regime marred by corruption, hooliganism, and criminality. All government contracts seem to be awarded exclusively to TMC affiliates... The state is plagued by a glaring absence of law and order... A prerequisite for the progress of any region is a robust law enforcement system. Without it, development remains an elusive goal."

15:39 IST

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Live: 'Congress Spreaded Nepotism And Corruption', Says PM Modi  

Speaking at a public rally in Jalore, Rajasthan, Prime Minister Modi remarked, "You elected Former PM Manmohan Singh to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan. But have you witnessed his presence in the state since then? Another leader from the same party has also secured a Rajya Sabha seat from Rajasthan. Those who lack the ability to contest and win elections are now making their way into Rajasthan. Congress has inflicted substantial damage on the nation by fostering the culture of 'dynasty politics' and corruption. The youth of our country is vehemently disillusioned with Congress, expressing a strong aversion towards their leadership."

14:47 IST

Lok Sabha Elections LIVE Updates: SP Chief Arrives In Ranchi For Ulgulan Rally

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav arrives at Ranchi airport to participate in INDIA bloc’s ‘Ulgulan Nyay rally’. 


14:38 IST

Lok Sabha Elections LIVE Updates: PM Modi Ended Nepotism, Appeasement Politics’: Shah’s Rally Cry In Bihar

During a public rally in Katihar, Bihar for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, Home Minister Amit Shah stated, “The decision of choosing the PM lies with the people. The name of PM Modi echoes everywhere. By voting for our candidate, you will be paving the way for Narendra Modi’s third term as PM. PM Modi has put an end to nepotism and has also eradicated the politics of appeasement.”

14:26 IST

Lok Sabha Chunav 2024 LIVE News Updates: Rajnath Calls Out 'Anarchy' At Bengal Rally

BJP leader Rajnath Singh addressed a rally in Murshidabad, West Bengal, while talking to the public, the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that there is an atmosphere of anarchy in the entire West Bengal region. He further claimed. "...It (West Bengal) is known for crime. Incidents like Sandeshkhali happen in the land of West Bengal" Further assuring that if the BJP government is formed here noone will dare to repeat such incidents."There is no law and order in the state..." he added. 

14:05 IST

2024 Lok Sabha Elections LIVE Updates: Rajnath Slams Mamata Govt Over Sandeshkhali 

Despite Bengal having a woman chief minister, incidents like Sandeshkhali happen: Rajnath Singh tells rally at Murshidabad

13:40 IST

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 News Updates: 'Dethrone BJP To Save Country', Says Tejashwi Yadav Ahead Of Ulgulan Nyay Rally

“The Ulgulan Nyay rally sends a clear message; it’s time to unseat the BJP to safeguard the nation, our Constitution, and democracy. We’re here in response to Kalpana Soren’s invitation to demonstrate the unity of the INDIA alliance in its battle against the BJP. The public will hold them accountable for the wrongs done to former CM Hemant Soren,” said RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav, who has arrived in Ranchi, Jharkhand, to participate in the INDIA bloc’s ‘Ulgulan Nyay Maharally’ later today.

13:27 IST

Lok Sabha Chunav 2024 LIVE News Updates | 'Accused of Multiple Scams, Yet Daring to Contest’: UP CM Yogi On Bhupesh Baghel

Speaking at a rally in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said, "Congress has chosen former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel as its candidate here. Despite being accused of numerous scams, including the liquor, coal, PSC, Gothan, and Mahadev App frauds, and having a FIR filed against him, he is standing in the elections. He believes that by fooling society, they can gain power, regardless of the magnitude of their crimes.

13:21 IST

Lok Sabha Polls LIVE Updates: 'Politics of Accountability Under Modi’: BJP’s JP Nadda In Maharashtra

At a public gathering in Buldhana, Maharashtra, BJP's national president JP Nadda stated, "Discussing India, PM Modi has redefined the political landscape, transformed the style of Indian politics, and altered its operational methods. What was the previous state of politics? It was filled with catchy slogans and forgotten promises. However, with PM Modi's advent, Indian politics has evolved into a system that prioritises voter responsibility. We've shifted from

12:32 IST

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 LIVE Updates: Rahul Not To Participate In INDIA Alliance's Maha Rally In Ranchi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will not be participating in the INDIA alliance's maha rally in Jharkhand's Ranchi due to health reasons. The Congress MP will also snub his poll event in Madhya Pradesh's Satna.

12:26 IST

LIVE Updates | ‘Bail Is The Norm, Jail Is The Exception,": Congress Pledges Special Law For Undertrials

In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Congress leader said P Chidambaram said, “We pledge to introduce a unique law that asserts ‘Bail is the norm, jail is the exception’; this principle was established by Kerala’s esteemed Justice Krishna. Unfortunately, this rule is seldom adhered to by the lower judiciary, including magistrates and district judges, and not everyone can approach the Supreme Court for bail. 65% of inmates are undertrials, not convicts, so why are they incarcerated… 90% of undertrials belong to OBCs, SCs, and STs. Hence, we plan to enact a special law ‘Bail is the norm, jail is the exception’- everyone must be granted bail after the first 15 days of police or CBI interrogation…”

12:06 IST

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 LIVE Updates: 'Congress Will Repeal CAA 2019 If Elected', Says P Chindambaram

Congress leader P Chidambaram while addressing a press conference in Trivandrum, Kerala said, "We are committed to repealing, amending, and reviewing the following laws, with CAA 2019 at the top of our list." The Farmers Produce, Trade, and Commerce Promotion of Facilitation Act 2020, the Bharatiya Nyaya (Second) Sanhita (similar to the IPC), the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita (equal to the CrPC), and the Bharatiya Sakshya (Second) Act (equivalent to the Evidence Act) will all be repealed altogether. We will also remove eight additional laws and replace them with new ones. In addition, we will alter 25 laws to make them consistent with the Constitution. We unequivocally state that the Citizenship Amendment Act will be repealed."



11:45 IST

Lok Sabha Elections Latest Updates: Congress’ CEC Convenes In Delhi 

The Congress Central Election Committee (CEC) held meeting at the party's headquarters in Delhi to discuss matters related to the state of Bihar. 

11:27 IST

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 LIVE Updates: PM Addresses Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirvan Mahotsav 

PM Narendra Modi addressed the Bhagwan Mahaveer Nirvan Mahotsav at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. While addressing the gathering, he said, "Bharat Mandapam today witnesses the beginning of the 2550th Nirvan Mahotsav of Lord Mahavira." He further extended his best wishes to the people of the country on Mahavir Jayanti. “To be part of such a program during the hustle and bustle of elections is comforting.” 

11:05 IST

LIVE Updates | Lok Sabha Elections 2024: 'Rahul Gandhi is Welcome to Become PM’, Says Shiv Sena Leader Sanjay Raut

Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut while talking to the press in Mumbai, said, “This isn’t a battle for the Prime Minister’s seat. The Congress isn’t grasping our point. Rahul Gandhi is a national leader, and he’s welcome to become the PM if he wishes. But there are also other potential leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav, Uddhav Thackeray, and Mallikarjun Kharge. Naming any one of them shouldn’t be seen as a crime. If we mention our party leader, what’s the issue with that?..”


10:58 IST

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 LIVE Updates: Congress CEC Meeting Underway

Congress CEC meeting for the state of Bihar underway at the party headquarters in Delhi.

10:47 IST

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 LIVE Updates: LJP MP From Khagaria Mehboob Ali Kaiser Joins RJD

Former Lok Janshakti Party (Ramvilas) leader and Khagaria MP Choudhary Mehboob Ali Kaiser joins the RJD in the presence of former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav.

10:27 IST

Lok Sabha Elections Latest Updates: 'Fight Against BJP’s Growing Autocracy', Says Sena MP

Ahead of the INDIA Alliance maha rally in Ranchi, Jharkhand, Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Priyanka Chaturvedi said, "My message is very clear that we are together in this fight against BJP's growing autocracy...They are not allowing the opposition to function properly; what they are trying to do is to silence the opposition. We are seeing a high rate of inflation, joblessness and women not getting a safe environment...In the first phase of the election, not many people, but those who have come out to vote have come out to change these people (BJP), who have been showing this dictatorial tendency."

10:22 IST

Lok Sabha Polls 2024 LIVE Updates: JMM MP Confident Of INDIA Bloc's Victory

JMM MP Dr Mahua Maji commented on the INDIA Alliance rally, saying, "This is a large rally, and I don't think such a big rally has ever taken place in Jharkhand. People are coming out in favour of Hemant Soren, and we are enthusiastic about the rally's success...Jharkhand will not back down, and India will not stop..."