Man brutally assaulted in Delhi's road-rage incident

The victim was mercilessly kicked, punched and thrown inside his shop by three men. The attack was caught on tape by a CCTV camera.

Man brutally assaulted in Delhi's road-rage incident

A man was mercilessly beaten by a group of at least three people after his car had met with an accident with the car of the accused.

News agency ANI reported that the victim's car was rammed by the car of the accused in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh areas. Following this, the accused entered the shop of the victim and began assaulting him. In a CCTV video of the incident, the victim is first thrown on the floor and then kicked with force on his head, chest and arms while one of the accused uses a stick-like object to attack.

For a brief moment, the victim is picked up and then flung back on the goods stored in the shop.

The victim has suffered serious injuries but there is reportedly no danger to his life. He has also alleged that Rs 15 lakh were stolen from his shop by the accused.

(Note: The following video is disturbing. Viewer discretion is strongly advised)



A case has been registered and cops are looking at the CCTV footage to identify the culprits.