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Nepal calling: Commuters in Bihar's border areas cross over for cheap fuel

Filling a tank of 40 litres means savings of about Rs 550 each time if motorists in Bihar's border areas cross over to a pump in Nepal. For two-wheelers, savings are up to Rs 200.

Nepal calling: Commuters in Bihar's border areas cross over for cheap fuel
Representational image courtesy Pixabay

Patna: Bihar has been suffering from soaring fuel prices in recent weeks as much as any other state in the country. But not everyone here is complaining - especially those living in areas bordering Nepal.

Fuel in Nepal is significantly cheaper than it is in India. For many living in Bihar's northern areas like Motihari and Raxaul, it only makes sense to hop across to the other side of the porus border and get a tank-up - saving at least 15 Indian rupees per litre in the process.

While a litre of petrol costs approximately Rs 84 in India, it costs 108.50 Nepalese rupees (roughly INR 67.81). Filling diesel across the border too is a viable option for motorists in these areas as a litre costs 90.50 Nepalese rupees (roughly INR 56.56) while it is for Rs 74 to a litre in Bihar. "I get a full tank with 40 litres of petrol across the border. I end up saving at least Rs 550 each time, maybe even more and so it makes sense for me to drive that extra bit," said one such motorist.

With no sign of a big relief from high fuel prices in the immediate future - despite the government assuring that it is looking into the matter, motorists in most border areas say they plan to continue to give Indian pumps a miss.