PM Narendra Modi addresses BJP workers amid India-Pakistan tensions, says 'India will work as one, stand as one'

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on Thursday amidst escalating tensions between India and Pakistan.

PM Narendra Modi addresses BJP workers amid India-Pakistan tensions, says 'India will work as one, stand as one' ANI photo

New Delhi: A day after three Pakistani fighter jets violated Indian air space in response to Indian forces targeting Jaish-e-Mohammed's biggest training camp in Balakot, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that it is necessary to ensure that nothing is done to dent the morale of the security forces. 

Amid heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, the Prime Minister said that India won't stop at any cost. Modi made the statement while addressing one crore BJP workers in 15,000 locations through the 'world's largest video conference, 'Mera Booth Sabse Mazboot'. 

"At present, the country’s emotions are at a different level. The brave soldiers of India are demonstrating their prowess on and across the border. The whole country is united as one and standing with the soldiers. The world is watching is our collective will," Modi said. 

"We have to be hardworking in all sectors. India is grateful to all those who are protecting the nation. It is because they are there, the nation can reach new levels of development," he added

Modi also said India will fight, live, work and win as one and nobody can create hurdles in its march towards development. "The enemy is trying to destabilise us, carry out terror strikes... They want to stop our growth... We will fight, live work and win as one," he said.

The PM said in his address that the 2014 election was a mandate for fulfilling people's necessities and the 2019 polls will be about fulfilling people's aspirations.

"Indians have to be hard working in all spheres and should be grateful to all those who are protecting the country," the prime minister said. "Some people, for their selfish interests, dislike a strong government," he said. "BJP workers need to tell people the benefits of a strong government," he added. 

“India will live as one, grow as one, fight as one, win as one. The enemy tries to destabilize us, carries out terror attacks, they want to stop our growth. We all countrymen are standing like a rock to counter their evil designs,” he added.

On Wednesday, leaders of 21 opposition expressed their solidarity with the armed forces while expressing deep anguish over the 'blatant politicisation' of the sacrifices made by the forces by the 'leaders of the ruling party'.

"The meeting of 21 parties expressed their deep anguish over the blatant politicisation of the sacrifices made by our armed forces by leaders of the ruling party," a statement read.

Dismissing the 'Mahagatbandhan' of opposition parties as 'mahamilavat', Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said it would send the country to the ICU. Addressing BJP workers across the country, he suggested that a loss for the party, like in 2004, will jeopardise development works and ease of corruption will replace ease of doing business. 

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