Snubbed but stubborn: Imran Khan rakes up Kashmir again, makes false accusations

While the world has mostly united in recognising that revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir is India's domestic matter, an isolated Imran Khan has nonetheless taken solace in firing tweets galore.

Snubbed but stubborn: Imran Khan rakes up Kashmir again, makes false accusations Reuters Photo

Despite not getting any support from the international community and being cornered within Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, Imran Khan has continued to use Twitter in a bid to spread false information, make baseless claims and level outlandish allegations.

On Thursday, the Pakistani Prime Minister was back on the micro-blogging site to do what may well be his only option. "Today, on the 1st International Day for Victims of Violence based on Religion or Belief, we call attention to the plight of millions of Kashmiris living under brutal Indian Occupation, abuse & violence, deprived of all fundamental rights & freedoms," he wrote. "The Indian Occupation Forces have even denied them their right to observe their religious practices, including Eid ul Azha."

Much like all of his previous remarks on Kashmir, Imran's latest outburst too stemmed more from frustration than reason and logic.

Imran has been on the edge since India revoked Article 370 to completely integrate Jammu and Kashmir. While it is a domestic matter of India - a fact recognised by a large majority of the world community, Pakistan has refused to acknowledge the peace that has prevailed in Jammu and Kashmir. Running from pillar to post, the country and its PM have desperately sought affirmative action but have failed to evoke even a semblance of support.

Such is the level of this desperation that several opposition parties in Pakistan have even accused Imran of a 'sellout' on Kashmir. Political observers around the world, therefore, feel Imran's cacophony over Kashmir at a time when the country's economy remains in a shambolic state is merely theatrics which caters to a domestic audience.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir - now a union territory - has been assured by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of peace, progress and prosperity. India has also adopted a strong line against terrorism and violence sponsored by Pakistan, a country that has long waged a proxy war through terrorists.