Specially-abled man hailed for leading work to open Zojila Pass in J&K

Zojila Pass, which gets blocked due to snow in the winter months, is part of the Srinagar-Leh highway.

Specially-abled man hailed for leading work to open Zojila Pass in J&K Twitter: @@ChinarcorpsIA

Chinar Corps of the Indian Army on Sunday officially re-opened the Srinagar-Leh highway for traffic movement. On the occasion, the Indian Army especially thanked a man named Tula who led the work at the crucial Zojila Pass here.

Tula is a specially-abled man who cannot hear or speak. The silent warrior, however, led a race against time to ensure he and his team complete the work at the Zojila Pass quickly. The Chinar Corps was especially grateful to Tula and his team for the work done. "You are an inspiration for everyone. My salute to you and your team for completing the task of opening Zojila Road swiftly," Lt General K J S Dhillon told Tula and his team on the occasion of the opening of the key pass.



Zojila Pass is crucial because it is through here that the highway between Ladakh region and Kashmir valley passes at 11,575 feet above sea-level. The entire length of the highway is 434 kilometres and it was closed for four months due to heavy snowfall in the winter months.

Hundreds of vehicles - civilian as well as military - make use of the highway every day when it is open and the Zojila Pass forms a key part of the entire road network.

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