Watch: Car goes for a swim near Mumbai beach, tractor turns lifeguard

While it needed no proving that a car has no capabilities on water, here's yet another unfortunate proof.

Watch: Car goes for a swim near Mumbai beach, tractor turns lifeguard

There is a reason why most motor vehicles are not permitted in beaches around the world. A group of youngsters found out the hard way when their car was swept into the sea after they had parked it on a beach in Vasai, near Mumbai.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the car - a white Maturi Ertiga - can be seen wading in the sea as waves crash against it. It is reported that a group of college students had come in this car to the beach where the tyres got stuck in the sand due to low tide. Despite herculean efforts, the youngsters could not pull out the vehicle. Once high tide came in, the car was pulled into the sea with waves repeatedly slamming against it. While the video of the car has been shot from a distance, it also appears that the windows of the vehicle were down which would have resulted in seawater entering the cabin.



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It is reported that the car was eventually pulled out with the help of a tractor and while it suffered massive dents and cracks, water had also seeped inside the engine. It is unlikely that the car can now be repaired as water entering the hood almost always damaged crucial components which need to be kept dry for optimal functioning. What could also spell further bad news for the owner of the car, insurance agencies generally won't take too kindly to paying compensation in instances as bizarre - even reckless - as this.