Watch: Crocodile parks itself on roof of house in flood-affected Belgavi

Floods have ravaged many districts of Karnataka with animals and reptiles as affected as the human population.

Watch: Crocodile parks itself on roof of house in flood-affected Belgavi

Locals in Chincholi village in Karnataka's Belgavi have been battling against floods in recent days but had to fend off a threat of a different kind recently. With almost every house here submerged in water, villagers - to their utter shock - noticed a massive crocodile on the roof of one of the residential structures.

The massive reptile was stationary on the roof of one of the houses in the village which left many people here to stare on in amazement, and from a distance. It is reported that the crocodile was eventually rescued by animal welfare officials but the fear of more such reptiles in the water quickly spread. Locals were warned to keep their eyes peeled and to not venture in deep waters.



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Boats and rafts have been used by villagers in Chincholi and adjoining villages to reach safer locations. The situation is quite grim in the state with Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa previously saying that losses worth Rs 600 crore have been injured. At least 24 people have died across the state in flood-related incidents.

Floods have also created havoc in Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat. In Gujarat, crocodiles were seen on submerged Vadodara roads before they were rescued by wildlife authorities.