Vastu Tips For Holi 2024: 7 Things You Must Avoid To Let Go Of Negative Energy From Home

All set to celebrate Holi? Here's a list of things Vastu advises against, read to know how to let go of negativ energy this Holi.


Vastu Tips For Holi 2024: 7 Things You Must Avoid To Let Go Of Negative Energy From Home Vastu regards the north-east direction as especially sacred (Pic credit: Pexels)

It's more than just smearing yourself in colour and indulging in sweets as the colourful festival of colours, Holi, draws near. For numerous individuals, maintaining balance and optimism in their everyday lives is also important. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, emphasizes the harmonious balance of elements to enhance the energy flow in homes. It suggests principles for designing and arranging living spaces to promote well-being and prosperity. 

By aligning structures with the natural elements and directions this Holi, Alok Khandelwal, astrologer, founder, & managing director at Asttrolok empahsises on ways to create a conducive environment for all members since often times there are some Holi activities may disturb the energy balance in your home. 

Vastu Tips to Let Go Of Negative Energy on Holi

In order to stay in accordance with Vastu, keep an eye out for the following during Holi:

1. Avoid Black and Dark Colors: Holi is a colorful festival, but Vastu cautions against using excessive black or dark colors. These colors represent negative energy and can disrupt the harmony of your living space. 

2. Dispose of Waste Responsibly: Many celebrate Holi by burning old items as a symbol of starting fresh. However, Vastu advises against burning waste in your home. This practice can release harmful energies. Consider eco-friendly options, such as composting or recycling.

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3. Maintaining Cleanliness: Holi festivities often leave behind a colorful mess. According to Vastu principles, cleanliness is crucial. Clean up thoroughly after the celebrations to allow positive energy to circulate freely in your home. 

4. Respecting the North-East Direction: Vastu regards the north-east direction as especially sacred. Avoid playing Holi or performing any rituals involving water or colors in this area. Doing so could disturb the harmonious energy flow in your home.

5. Water Body Precautions: Avoid playing Holi near water sources (ponds, wells) within your property. Vastu suggests that this can pollute the water and disturb its natural equilibrium. 

6. Positive Energy Maintenance: Holi is a joyful occasion, but conflicts or disputes may occur. Vastu recommends avoiding holding onto negative emotions during this time. Instead, strive for peaceful resolutions and a harmonious home environment.

7. Overindulging in snacks and sweets can upset your body's balance, making you feel lethargic and low on energy. Rather, put your attention on eating in moderation and keeping a healthy, balanced diet that promotes your general wellbeing.

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