Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside woman's purse: Report

The latest battery issue could give a serious blow to Samsung’s reputation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside woman's purse: Report

New Delhi: Samsung's efforts to put behind its one of the biggest product safety failures in tech history seems to be at risk again. The South Korean electronic manufacturer's battery fiasco is constantly haunting it.

As per recent reports in the New York Post, a woman (real estate agent), has claimed that her phone, Galaxy Note 9, caught fire inside her purse.

Diane Chung, resident of Long Island, has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the Queens Supreme Court, the report said.

As per the the lawsuit, on September 3,  Chung had taken an elevator when she suddenly felt that her Galaxy Note 9 phone became 'extremely hot’. Hence she decided to stop using the phone, and kept it in her purse. But within a while she heard a ‘whistling and screeching sound’ and soon after ‘thick smoke’ that began to emnate from her bag, the report claimed.

Some media reports quoting Samsung's response have said that this is the first incident reported of Galaxy Note 9.

This incidence evokes sort of Déjà vu over Samsung's Galaxy Note 7. Galaxy Note 7's battery fiasco led to recall of more than 2 million units that subsequently brought the company's smartphone leadership position.

The manufacturer had to replace not only phones with faulty batteries sold to consumers, but also retailer inventories and units in transit.