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Phone explodes inside man's pocket in Mumbai restaurant

Chaotic scenes unfolded when smoke began coming out of the man's phone.

Phone explodes inside man's pocket in Mumbai restaurant
ANI Photo

Mumbai: In a bizzare incident, the mobile phone belonging to a man having his meal inside a restaurant here suddenly exploded just as he was taking it out.

A CCTV video footage of the incident from Monday - accessed by news agency ANI - shows the man taking out his phone from his shirt's pocket as he was having his lunch in a busy restaurant in the city's Bhandup area.  He quickly panicked and threw the phone away when he noticed smoke coming out of it. Other people and staff also rushed away from the scene as the phone exploded within seconds. It is learnt that the owner of the phone suffered minor injuries and had to be admitted at a local hospital.



While the make of the phone is not known yet, incidents of such explosions have been becoming increasingly common the world over. Prominent cellphone maker Samsung has been battling a massive hit to its image when a number of its phones began exploding - often causing serious injuries. In fact, several Indian and international airline companies have even banned Galaxy Note 7 from being carried taken on their flights.

Cellphone explosions mostly occur due to over-heating of circuit boards although almost every manufacturer now adds at least several precautions at the factory level to prevent such incidents. It is advised to not keep the phone under direct sunlight, near a source of fire or connected to a charger once the battery to prevent unfortunate incidents.