Ed Sheeran failed music at college!

The exhibition also features a certificate from his high school prom tagging Sheeran "most likely to be famous". 

Ed Sheeran failed music at college!

London: Grammy Award-winning pop superstar Ed Sheeran failed music during college!

A new exhibition showcases a letter informing the singer-songwriter that he had failed a songwriting course, and a report by his teacher urging him to improve at working with other musicians, reports sun.co.uk. 

The exhibition also features a certificate from his high school prom tagging Sheeran "most likely to be famous". He was also termed a "natural performer" at 12.

The collections are part of "Ed Sheeran: Made In Suffolk", a brainchild of his father John who donated ­hundreds of such items. It features the first lyrics Sheeran wrote and a childhood self-portrait, as well as items from his successful career.

Also on display is the panda head Sheeran wore in the "I don't care" video with singer Justin Bieber, besides the puppet of the "Perfect" singer from his 2014 video for "Sing".

There is a series of paintings of the 28-year-old singer by acclaimed portrait artist Colin Davidson.

Music teacher Ian Johnson, who is credited with being one of the people who discovered Sheeran, said: "He wasn't the greatest singer and he wasn't the greatest guitarist. But he definitely was an incredible performer and he could definitely write a song." 

Johnson said he never gave up.

Sheeran's father John attributes his failure at music college to him touring with singer Just Jack -- (Sheeran's first major support slot).

John writes in the exhibition's programme: "Ed had just started at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Just three weeks into the course and already disillusioned with it, he asked his tutors for permission to go on the tour but they refused. 

His father added that Sheeran was determined to go, even if it meant him leaving college.

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