Women-centric SHGs in all blocks: Bihar CM

The Bihar govt has decided to set up women-centric Self-Help Groups on the lines of an NGO, Jeevika.

Patna: The Bihar government has decided
to set up women-centric Self-Help Groups (SHGS) on the lines
of an NGO, Jeevika, to cater to welfare and livelihood of
women, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Tuesday.

The SHGs will become functional in all blocks of Bihar
within 4-5 years, he said while inaugurating a two-day seminar
on `Achieving Convergence for Empower of Women`.

He said a number of NGOs and SHGs have been working in
the state for years and the result of their works were there
to be seen as far as awareness and literacy among women were
concerned, particularly in rural areas.

He said he had himself observed in 2006 the works
being done by the SHGs among the women for their education and
overall empowerment, besides eradication of social vices like
child marriage and discrimination against girls.

Some SHGs had even succeeded in restoration of the
properties of poor people which were seized by local thugs by
carrying out a concerted campaign for unity of the poor
people, particularly women, the chief minister said.

There were other instances of work being done by the
SHGs to enable the poor and semi-literate women to earn
livelihood, including running PDS retailership, he said.

Observing that the education and empowerment of the
women were necessary for development, Kumar said his
government has provided 50 per cent reservation for women in
the panchayati raj institutions and launched schemes like
bicycle, dress, scholarship for girl students.

These schemes have emboldened the spirit of the girl
students who have been competing with the boys for academic
excellence and jobs, he said.