Five signs you might be anaemic

Iron deficiency or anaemia is a very common blood disorder.

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Iron deficiency or anaemia is a very common blood disorder. It is a condition where the RBC counts fall from their normal levels. Common symptoms include weakness, dizziness and quick exhaustion. According to a study conducted by WHO, nearly 1.62 billion people affected by anemia are women and young children.


Here are 5 signs you might be anaemic:

-If you feel lack of energy or lethargic, it is a sign that you might be anaemic.

-Losing a lot of hair on daily basis.

-Experiencing heart palpitations.

-A pale complexion is often also a sign of anaemia.

-Experiencing leg cramps frequently.


So, in order to fight the condition, a healthy diet is a prerequisite for any anaemic patient. You should include spinach, beetroot juice, eggs, pomegranate and fatty fish in your diet.