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Women spend 17 years of their lives dieting: Study

London: Women on an average spend a staggering 17 years of their lives dieting while 90 per cent of them have been on some form of diet in their lifetime, according to a new UK survey.

In a study, researchers found that the average British woman diets twice a year, losing 4.9 kilogrammes each time, the Daily Mail reported.

Life expectancy data in the UK showed that the average woman lives until 82 and weighs on average 69 kilogrammes, so if she begins dieting at the age of 18, she will lose her body weight 9.1 times and if she spends seven weeks on a diet twice a year she will spend 17.2 years dieting.

"Deciding to lose weight can be an easy one to make when we know we have a special occasion coming up or aren`t feeling confident in our appearance, however as we can see actually embarking on a diet and losing the extra pounds is more difficult and takes real commitment," Kevin Dorren, Founder & Head Chef of Diet Chef, who carried out the research, said.

Not fitting into any of their clothes was the top reason for 52 per cent women to lose weight.

The same percentage of women said that developing a muffin top was the first sign that they had piled on the pounds.

Ultimately it is a general love of food (35 per cent) and lack of willpower (33 per cent) that keeps would-be dieters from achieving their dream body with over a third saying they were their main reasons for struggling with managing their weight loss.

Although a fifth of women said they found it too expensive to buy healthy food.

One in three women splurged on comfort purchases when feeling down about their diet, with shoes being the top thing to buy (37 per cent).