World Health Day: 5 food safety tips to avoid getting sick while travelling

Zee Media Bureau/Shruti Saxena

New Delhi: Almost each one of us likes travelling around the world and get a break from our busy and monotonous work schedules.

But while travelling, food is one thing that each one of us should be careful about. Do we ever give enough importance as to what is being served in our plate and how safe and hygienic it is?

The theme for World Health Day, which falls on April 7, is safe food this year. So, here are a few food safety tips for a traveller:

-Always try and go for hot and freshly prepared foods rather than choosing frozen meat, cheese, buffet foods and unsealed mayonnaise as they carry a lot of bacteria.

-Eat at a place or restaurant that is crowded to ensure safer food choice.

-Always try and go for bottled water products while travelling, but you should always check the seal to ensure it is intact as not all packaged drinking water is safe.

-Don't eat cut fruits as they may carry a lot of infection, instead buy fresh ones and peel them yourself and eat.

-And last, but certainly not the least, always wash and sanitize your hands properly while eating out to avoid getting inflicted with infections that may cause food poisoning.


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